Thursday, May 08, 2008

Jones Soda Partners with Alaska Airlines

Seattle based Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air just announced a partnership with a local soft drink company, Jones Soda.

Visit their web site, they have such a unique product, they solicit their labels from their customers. In 1995 they created WAZU Water (named for a local university), Washington State University, (WAZZU) NOT to be confused with the University of Washington (UDUB). We do have strange nicknames, don't we.

Jones' soda has always been about interacting with the consumer and placing their product in botique and surf shops at the beginning, then branching out to convenience stores. Now they are branching out to stores such as Target, Safeway, Meijers, etc. In addition to their natural cane sodas like cola, root beer, blue bubble gum, fufu berry and lemon drop; at holiday time they have unique flavors such as mashed potatoes & gravy and turkey! And yes, do taste authentic
Jones' has a "corner on the market" in Seattle.

But what it all boils down to is customer service.



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