Thursday, May 08, 2008

Send Out Cards

Don't know if any of you have seen this program; it is called Send Out Cards.

It's an online service where you can join and have the capability of sending cards (real cards by real mail) to your family and friends. You have a choice of ove 12,000 cards in varying categories.

You have the capability to upload photos of yourself, family, friends, animals, sporting events of the kids and add them to your cards. You can add your business logo, and you can even do it in your own handwriting.

The program can catalog your names by groups so that if you want to send an invitation to your family for a summer bar-be-que, you, with one click, can send the same invitation to all the members in your "family group". It's so easy. Or say your tennis club is going to have a surprise birthday party for Mary, and Mary is in your group, you can uncheck Mary's name and everyone in the group will get the invitation except Mary, keeping the surprise. Or Christmas cards, keep it easy and send them from here. There are so many ways to use this cleaver program.

Want to send a gift card, a box of chocolates or decadent cookies - you can all with one click in this sytem. It's amazing.

Click here and trying sending A FREE CARD ON ME. If you are interested in using this fabulous, easy system, please email me at and I'd be happy to get you started and explain fully the system.

Again, just another way to connect with my clients and help them. This is a fabulous tool. Forget driving to Hallmark and spending a bundle on cards, forget ordering cards on line, forget those email cards, send a REAL CARD, WITH YOU HANDWRITING, BY U.S. MAIL, ALL WITHIN ONE MINUTE!

Call Karen at 425-308-3669

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