Thursday, February 09, 2006

Update On Proposed Excise Tax

As President-Elect of the Snohomish County Camano Board of Realtors®, it was my pleasure to attend Realtor® Hill Day in Olympia on January 18. Over 375 Realtors® attended the event with 30 from just our local board. Our efforts to "Stop The Home Tax" has had a profound effect. The sponsors of the legislation to increase real estate taxes have indicated the home tax increase will NOT move this session! While this is spectacular news, Realtors® will not sit back and watch sponsors run a real estate tax increase this session or in the future. We launched another round of newspaper, ratio and TV ads January 9 to let legislators know we're still watching. The ads state:

"Washington homeowners are making their voices heard: they're overwhelmingly opposed to raising the Real Estate Excise Tax -- the tax you pay when selling your home. And most state lawmakers are realizing a home tax hike is a bad idea. But we must continue to send a loud and clear message to legislators: No New Real Estate Taxes! Now now, not later. Learn how to protect your home's value from excessive taxes. Get the facts at Protect your home's value today.

In addition to the "stop the tax" program, the Realtor® members urged their leaders to support our package of legislation to provide more housing opportunities in Washington State.

Remarkably, all of the bills in Realtors® Housing Package are seeing executive action in committees. HB 2217, our GMA/Housing bill that provides housing to accommodate growth, was passed out of the House Local Government Committee and is now in the House Appropriations Committee. Three of the bills, HB 2323, removing barriers to accessory housing, HB2324, providing density bonuses for more housing and HB 2325, allowing flexibility in short subdivisions through lot size averaging, have been heard in the House Local Government Committee and are waiting for executive action.

We are champions for the homeowners and are doing everything we can to protect your rights.

Oh, by the way, if you or a friend or family member is interested in buying or selling, please send me their information and I'd be happy to contact them, providing the quality service I have given you. Referral are the lifeline of my business and I appreciate all you do for me.

Regards and Good Day,

Karen Schweinfurth
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